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What is EIPH (Bleeding)? And how can you prevent or treat it? Use of Lasix laws already started to change. Make sure your horses can give their best performance. Start the EIPH treatment today!

One of the most recognized disorders affecting race and performance horses is "bleeding," or exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, which is also known as "EIPH." Almost all horses bleed at one time or another during their careers. For example, it has been reported in three-day events, racing horses, steeple-chasers, jumpers, and polo ponies. The common denominator here is strenuous exercise. Find out on how to minimize and treat EIPH by following this link: EIPH Treatment Regimen

                  Pure Rutin Powder - Mike's Original Bleeding Powder - Duorein Herbal Diuretic Paste


Equine Products Inc. is proud to be able to provide a complete line of high-quality equine nutritional vitamins and mineral supplements such as NUTRI-PLUS++nutriceutical formulas as well as joint lubrication and protection products at reasonable prices. Some of our latest products also include DUOREIN and PURE RUTIN POWDER, all-natural herbal remedies geared towards specific health issues. We even offer custom formulation and mixing as an additional service.

Equine Products Inc. has been in the business of developing, formulating, manufacturing and distributing high-quality products for all horse breeds for well over 40 years. One of our flagship equine supplements is MIKE'S ORIGINAL BLEEDING POWDER, which is the product of choice used by many leading horse trainers around the world (see Thoroughbred Times write up).

The quality of a product depends on the quality of the materials used to make it. We use many human-grade nutriceutical ingredients. These are the best quality raw materials available!

Our products undergo years of extensive field testing for maximum benefit to your horse. We review our products regularly and compare ingredients and formulations with the latest research findings. We combine these findings with customer feedback to make positive upgrades on a regular basis continually improving all of our products year after year.

Whether you're looking for nutritional supplements, bleeding powder products, performance enhancing supplements or remedies for leg, muscle and joint ailments such as EGYPTIAN ARTHRITIC MASSAGE AND SWEAT OIL or CANADIAN WORKING BLISTER, Equine Products Inc. has what you need.

We look forward to servicing you and helping to maintain your horses health so they can perform at their best.

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Nutri-Plus++ Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
All-in-one multiple vitamin, mineral, blood building and essential amino acid supplement.

Mike's Original Bleeding Powder
An enhanced formula of the premier nutritional supplement to prevent equine bleeding by strengthening capillary walls.

Duorein All-Natural Herbal Diuretic Paste
An herbal blended product that creates a natural diuretic effect that works with your horse's system that is safe, effective and easy to administer.

Pure Rutin Powder
It strengthens the capillary walls to prevent bleeding into the lungs. Can be used in conjunction with Mike's Original Bleeding Powder.

Egyptian Oil Arthritic Massage & Sweat Oil
This oil is used to increase circulation and relieve stiff/strained muscles and sore joints pain.

Canadian Working Blister
This working blister is useful to treat bucked shins, strained or bowed tendons, curbs, suspensories, splints, ankles, hocks and some types of knee problems.

Carbo Fuel 3X Oral Paste
Creates special high energy bonds which promote the build-up of muscle energy.

Carbo-Fuel 3X Oral Powder
Creates special high energy bonds which promote the build-up of muscle energy.

Joint Flex + Ultra Pure MSM 
A supplement containing the dietary nutrients known to aid the joint cartilage repair process.

A premium pelleted protein, vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement that is formulated to support the integriry of healthy hooves, the very foundation of any equine athlete.



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